Mahekun Lake Fly-In Lodge and Fly-In Outpost Camps

All six of our fly in camps are located on Manitoba High Quality Lakes within a 70 mile radius of Lynn Lake Manitoba. Our lakes are located in the heart of unspoiled wilderness and are only reachable by float plane, ensuring you a private fishing experience.

All of our lakes provide exceptional fishing for Trophy Pike and Walleye. In addition, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling are available at some lakes. We operate the only camps on our lakes. We have camps located on LBZ, Preston, Long, Mahekun, Carlson, and Brisebois Lakes.

Our outpost camps accommodate a minimum of 2 up to 12 people. They are fully equipped with hot showers, running water, electric lights, refrigerator, deep freeze , propane heat, cook range, barbecue grill, fish fryers, cooking utensils, boats, motors, mixed gas, life preservers, nets & boat seats.

**Available upon request are batteries and converters for your CPAPS (sleep machines).

Mahekun Lake Fly-In Lodge – accommodates 2 – 12 people

Mahekun Lake is located 65 air miles north of Lynn Lake. Mahekun is a larger lake with many feeder creeks, bays, narrows and islands. With a short portage you can fish Kat Lake which is a stained lake that is fed by two river systems. The lake is approximately 6 miles around and has feeder creeks, bays and several islands. Trophy Pike in the 15-25 lb. range are common in both Mahekun and Kat , with fish up to 35 lbs. taken. Walleye are numerous in the 2- 6 lb. range. Arctic Grayling are caught in the river outlet of Kat Lake.  This facility has 9 boats on 3 lakes.

LBZ Lake – accommodates 2 – 8 people

LBZ Lake is located 37 air miles northwest of Lynn Lake. LBZ  (Paskwachi) is a lake with semi-clear water. There is a chain of three lakes to fish on the Paskwachi River system that feeds into Reindeer Lake. There is 20 miles of water to fish and the lake has never had another camp on it. This fishery has large Pike in the 15 -30 lb. range and lots of Walleye in the 3 -6  lb. range with some up to 9 lbs.  This facility has 5 boats.

**  This lake is user friendly to the older crowd as the ground is very level and it is only 40yds from the boats on the sand beach to the cabins.  There are no portages and you can shallow troll through a large creek to access another lake.

Brisebois Lake – accommodates 2 – 6 people

Brisebois Lake is located 45 air miles north of Lynn Lake. It is a stained lake with a short pull through to another lake that is semi-clear. There is approximately 12 miles of water available to fish. Brisebois has good numbers of Pike in the 10 – 25 lb. class. The camp record Pike taken is 53″.Walleye are plentiful in the 3 – 6 lb. class.  This facility has 3 boats.

Carlson Lake – accommodates 2 – 6 people

Carlson Lake is located 40 air miles northwest of Lynn Lake. The lake is on the Hughes River System and has semi-clear water. The lake is about 11 miles long with bays, islands and feeder creeks. On the south end of the lake there is a portage trail  that allows you to fish the river outlet. Carlson has many trophy Pike in the 10-25 lb. range with fish taken up to 30+ lbs. It has plenty of Walleyes in the 2-5 lb. class.  This facility has 3 boats.

Long Lake – accommodates 2 – 6 people

Long Lake is located 45 air miles north of Lynn Lake. It is a 12 mile long stained lake on the Hughes River system. The lake has good numbers of Pike in the 12- 25 lb. class  with some fish taken up to 25+ lbs. Walleyes are abundant in the 2-6 lb. range.   This facility has 3 boats.

Preston Lake – accommodates 2 – 8 people

Preston Lake is located 30 air miles northwest of Lynn Lake. The lake is 4 miles long and is “crystal clear” with depths to 130 feet. It produces Lake Trout in the 5 – 20 lb. range. You can motor through a creek to  Janzen Lake but have to portage to Van and Nesbitt lakes where you can fish for Pike in the 10 – 25 lb. class and Walleyes ranging from 2 to 6 lbs.  up to 9lbs. This facility has 6 boats on 3 lakes.